Sunday, June 13, 2010


After the busiest year ever, ive had a nice relaxing weekend break and am finally feeling up for updating this thing.

Instead of talking about the end of everything - look up Kew Bridge Eco Village anywhere else than on here for now :) - Ill start at a new beginning which mainly consists of me buying my new tricycle!

Its a blue mission trike and I'm going to pick it up on tuesday! My plan is to practise on it first, the head down to brighton and Titnore woods, then up to scotland, then accross to europe, and if im still going then to China!

I would post a photo up, but for now its just blue and boring, Im gonna decorate it up like either a bumblebee (bee-mobile) or with a big bow (bow-mobile) or have it as my little-red-mobile (as in little red riding hood) ...not sure yet

OK, I know this isnt philosophy, but adventures are much more fun, and travelling new places and meeting new people will hopefully inspire ideas, and I shall hopefully keep this updated with those ideas :)

Till then,

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  1. You could paint it up as a bumble bee wearing a bright red bow - thus covering all bases! See you soon,

    claire xxx :)