Tuesday, January 6, 2009

sartre said that we are always trying to define ourselves through what we do and what we believe. Instead, he argues that we should avoid labelling ourselves, and just live for the moment, and define ourselves by the choices we make about what to do with our absolute freedom.

Today it seems that we are encouraged to define ourselves in many ways, we are what we wear, which fashion we follow, some say we are what we eat, we have our race, our cultures, our religions, our sexuality and worst of all our profiles.

our profiles are our profiles, they tell you everything about us. of course if we just consider the average user, we can see all the categories they define themselves in, in groups and interests and religion and poltical views, and also our lives are projected with an up to date selection of photos and status updates.

now i know you all know this, but it frustrates me like hell.

i constantly struggle with this idea of identity. my facebook is crafted to tell you some intreging details, but it hides alot of things aswell. But more than this, it highlights to me how i am so lost with who i am.

I have a name, but no one calls me it, i have an address, but i dont live there, i have a family, but they dont know eachother.

a profile is a moment in time at which you define yourself then, its a way you feel or a display of your actions. But it is in no sense who you are.

if you knew someone by their facebook only, then what would it be like to meet them really.

also, i wander what sartres facebook would have said

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