Friday, November 26, 2010

How to draw something awesome

Check out this new website that my most lovely boyfriend Rory created :)

Drawsum is a collaborative application where anyone can draw anything onto a massive shared online canvas. You can let your creativity flow however you like; you draw a small doodle, or work together as a team and draw an artistic masterpiece. The most important part is it is completely free and uncensored!

In other words, Drawsum's homepage is a huge online wiki-style canvas which anyone can draw anything, anywhere on it. Hopefully as time goes by it will fill up organically with everyone's art, creativity and doodles.

Its very pretty, lots of fun and very addictive!!

Also avaliable as a facebook application :)

Peace and love xx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

save the world!

Lets mop up the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast with Hemp Fibre!

Its super absorbant, easy to grow, good for the enviroment, good for humans and has many uses :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little red riding hood

A little poem

Let me tell you the tale of little red riding hood
she was devious and never did as she should
one day she went on an adventure through the wood
where she met a big, bad wolf..
but little red was brave and not scared
and after chilling with a spliff that they shared
Little red soon fell in love...

Unfortunetly though life never runs this smoothly
as the big bad wolf started to treat her cruely
so she dumped him in search of something better
and the next wolf she found was sweet and kind but a whole lot wetter
he was very clingy but had a nice smile
so little red only stuck with him a little while

Thinking perhapsthird time lucky
she tried again with a wolf that was funny but very mucky
His jokes went down as well as a BP oil tanker
and he turned out to be a complete and utter wanker

it seemed that no wolf was perfect for her
she was just attracted to their sharpe teeth and dark glossy fur

Little red decided shed have the best adventure on her own
so she left the woods and went to the hills
riding on her bike with three wheels
if she saw another wolf she only went faster
and thats how she lived happily ever after!

The end :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


After the busiest year ever, ive had a nice relaxing weekend break and am finally feeling up for updating this thing.

Instead of talking about the end of everything - look up Kew Bridge Eco Village anywhere else than on here for now :) - Ill start at a new beginning which mainly consists of me buying my new tricycle!

Its a blue mission trike and I'm going to pick it up on tuesday! My plan is to practise on it first, the head down to brighton and Titnore woods, then up to scotland, then accross to europe, and if im still going then to China!

I would post a photo up, but for now its just blue and boring, Im gonna decorate it up like either a bumblebee (bee-mobile) or with a big bow (bow-mobile) or have it as my little-red-mobile (as in little red riding hood) ...not sure yet

OK, I know this isnt philosophy, but adventures are much more fun, and travelling new places and meeting new people will hopefully inspire ideas, and I shall hopefully keep this updated with those ideas :)

Till then,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

quick note!

I will update this blog soon!

For now see this:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

eco village

Last weekend, Me and Ben met up with a big bunch of press and eco-warriors to create a new eco village in the heart of London.

Theres not much media about this online yet so if an external reader finds this in search for more info, please check out our facebook group

because here I want to talk philosophically for a minute

There was a media meeting held, which i didnt attend because im not media, but i was informed that they had the idea to make the eco village an online project, where people on our website can have influence over what we do.

Now, o dear, i wish i was there when they said that, because they didnt realise the death and destruction they were suggesting!! There have been similar ideas online before, 'Robot in the Garden' was one, where people could control robots to plant herbs and stuff in a little garden patch. It was philosophically testing because it tested how much you care about something you were detached from. Did people think it was real? did they go to the website everyday and do a bit of gardening?

Another online project tested this further. You had the oppertunity to press a button and burn a Dollar Bill. This act is illegal in the USA, but by being online people felt it was detached enough from the world that they could do it. Even after filling in their details, they were daring enough to commit the crime. perhaps they thought it was unreal? perhaps it was.

So if we had a bunch of internet people controlling us, they would make us kill eachother and burn our village, because it wouldnt appear real!

take care